Oc Raw Dog Food Review Price

Oc Raw Dog Food is a brand of frozen raw dog food that claims to use high-quality ingredients and minimal processing to provide a natural and nutritious diet for dogs. OC Raw offers two lines of products: Frozen and Freeze-Dried.

Some of the pros and cons of OC Raw dog food are:


  1. Uses single animal proteins with 90% meat, bone, and organ, and 10% produce in their Frozen line, which is a good ratio for raw feeding.
  2. Does not add any synthetic vitamins, minerals, or preservatives to their food, relying on whole food ingredients to provide nutrition.
  3. OC Raw has a low carbohydrate content, which is beneficial for dogs’ health and weight management.
  4. Has a high protein content, averaging 52% on a dry matter basis, which supports dogs’ muscle and tissue development.
  5. Is minimally processed, which preserves the natural enzymes, antioxidants, and nutrients in the food.


  1. Contains some ingredients that may have high pesticide or herbicide residues, such as apples, beets, and spinach. These chemicals can harm dogs’ health and the environment.
  2. Contains alfalfa powder, which may be genetically modified if not organic. GMOs have not been proven to be safe for dogs or humans.
  3. Does not state the omega-6 to omega-3 ratio in their food, which may indicate an imbalance of these essential fatty acids.
  4. OC Raw does not specify whether the fish ingredients are farmed or wild caught. Farmed fish may have lower nutritional value and higher contaminants than wild caught fish.
  5. May be expensive and hard to find for some customers, as it is only sold in select stores and online retailers.

Where to buy oc raw dog food

Price of OC Raw dog food varies depending on the product type, size, and retailer. Here are some examples of the prices dog food from different sources:


Lists various dog food products with different prices, ranging from $9.99 to $54.46 per pack. For example, OC Raw Freeze Dried Chicken, Fish & Produce Sliders 14oz costs $32.98, while OC Raw Freeze Dried Rabbit & Produce Sliders 14oz costs $54.46.

Price List

This source shows the price list of  dog food products, but it does not specify the size or weight of each pack. For example, OC Raw Beef and Produce costs $96.99, while OC Raw Turkey and Produce costs $95.99.

Oc raw dog food near me

If you are looking for OC Raw Dog food near you, you can use their store locator tool on their website. You can enter your address or zip code and find the nearest retailers that carry their products.