Matatabi Sticks for Cats What’s the Use

Matatabi sticks for cats are natural cat toys made of the silvervine plant. They are popular in Japan and are gaining popularity in other countries as well. These sticks are believed to have a similar effect on cats as catnip, but they are more potent and have a stronger aroma.

Matatabi sticks for cats, what a smell ?

Matatabi sticks have a unique odor that is often described as a combination of cinnamon and mint. When cats smell or chew on the sticks, they often exhibit behaviors such as increased playfulness, licking, and rubbing against surfaces. This is because the sticks contain an active ingredient called Actinidine, which is known to have a similar effect on cats as catnip.

What is the price of cat sticks?

The price of matatabi sticks for cats can vary based on the quantity and the retailer, but they typically range from $5 to $15 per package.

  • Sticks can help promote exercise and reduce stress in cats.
  • The sticks are a natural and safe alternative to catnip, and can have a similar calming effect.
  • Matatabi sticks can be purchased from pet stores or online retailers.
  • When giving matatabi sticks to your cat, it’s important to supervise them to ensure they don’t swallow any small pieces or choke.
  • Some cats may lose interest in matatabi sticks after a few uses, so it’s a good idea to rotate toys and treats to keep your cat engaged.

Matatabi sticks for cats what’s the use ?

In addition to providing entertainment, matatabi sticks have several potential benefits for cats. Some studies suggest that sticks can help reduce anxiety and stress in cats and may improve their overall mood. Additionally, chewing on the sticks can help promote dental hygiene in cats by naturally removing plaque and tartar buildup.

Overall, sticks can be a safe and enjoyable way to provide stimulation for cats and may offer some potential health benefits as well. However, as with any new pet product, it’s important to monitor your cat’s behavior closely to ensure they do not have any adverse reactions.

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