How to Feed a Bearded Dragon Crickets & Insects Without Touching Them?

Bearded dragons are popular reptile pets because they eat live insects like crickets like a wolf. Be that as it may, dealing with bugs can at times be a test, particularly for individuals who are nauseous or worried about expected chomps.

Fortunately, feeding your bearded dragon without touching the insects is a safe and effective method. In order to ensure a stress-free feeding experience for both you and your scaly companion, we will examine a variety of methods and suggestions in this article.

Using Tongs for Feeding

Taking care of utensils is a fundamental instrument with regard to taking care of unshaven mythical beasts without direct contact. Follow these means:

  1. To keep a safe distance from the insects, select long, sturdy feeding tongs.
  2. Securely grasp a live cricket or other insects with tongs.
  3. Allow your bearded dragon to catch the insect on their own by placing it close to their mouth.
  4. After your bearded dragon has successfully captured the insect, gently release it.

Making a Bowl for Feeding

Another effective way to keep your hands away from insects is to use a feeding bowl. This is the way to go about it:

  1. Pick a large, shallow, and sturdy bowl that your bearded dragon can easily reach.
  2. Make sure the live crickets or other insects can’t get out of the bowl.
  3. Position the bowl inside your hairy mythical serpent’s nook, permitting them to chase and catch the bugs at their recreation.
  4. Keep an eye on the feeding process to make sure your pet has finished eating, and get rid of any insects that haven’t eaten yet.

Using Taking Care of Compartment

A feeding container can make it easier to feed your bearded dragon by providing an enclosed area for the insects. Follow this procedure:

  1. Select a container that is suitable, with sides that are smooth and a lid to prevent escape.
  2. Move the live bugs into the holder.
  3. Place the compartment inside your whiskery mythical beast’s nook.
  4. Let your bearded dragon enter the container and take the insects with it. Guarantee there is adequate ventilation in the holder and screen near to keep away from any unplanned ensnarement.
  5. When your hairy-winged serpent has gotten done with taking care of, eliminate the holder from their fenced-in area.

Taking Care of a Cricket Taking Care of Cylinder

A straightforward device known as a cricket feeding tube lets you deliver insects directly to your bearded dragon. How to make use of it:

  1. Get a cricket feeding tube, which is usually a plastic tube with a cap.
  2. Add live crickets or other insects to the tube.
  3. Gently place the tube’s open end close to your bearded dragon’s mouth after opening the enclosure.
  4. Let your bearded dragon catch the bugs as they come out of the tube.
  5. After your pet has finished eating, disconnect the tube from its enclosure.

Buying Pre-Bundled Bugs

In the event that you are awkward dealing with live bugs out and out, pre-bundled bugs can be a helpful other option. Think about the following choices:

  • Insects that have been frozen: These insects, which can be rehydrated prior to feeding your bearded dragon, are typically available in pet stores. Follow all of the packaging instructions.
  • Insects in cans: The purchase of cooked and ready-to-eat insects in cans is another option. Follow the recommended serving sizes and ensure that they are suitable for your bearded dragon’s diet.


Taking care of your hairy mythical beast crickets and different bugs without straightforwardly contacting them is far from impossible with the different techniques framed previously. The safety and well-being of your pet should always come first, regardless of whether you use feeding tongs, feeding bowls, feeding containers, cricket feeding tubes, or pre-packaged insects.

Make sure to screen taking care of meetings intently and immediately eliminate any uneaten bugs to keep a solid taking care routine for your unshaven mythical beast.