Black Footed Cat What is This

Black Footed Cat, also known as the small-spotted cat, is a small wild cat that is endemic to the southern African continent.

Black-footed cat weight

It is the smallest wild cat in Africa, and one of the smallest in the world, weighing between 1.3 and 2.5 kg (2.9 and 5.5 lb). Their body length ranges from 38 to 52 cm (15 to 20 in) and their tail ranges from 16 to 19 cm (6.3 to 7.5 in).

Black Cat is primarily found in dry, open savannas and grasslands, and is a nocturnal hunter, preying on small mammals, birds, and lizards. They are known for their excellent hunting skills and have been recorded catching prey weighing up to three times their own body weight.

Black Footed Cat compared to house cat

The black-footed cat and house cat may look similar in appearance, but they are quite different in many aspects. Here are some differences between them:

Hunting skills:

Is a skilled hunter and has an excellent success rate when it comes to catching prey, whereas house cats often rely on their owners for food and don’t need to hunt for survival.

Social behavior:

House cats are often kept as pets and are known to be affectionate towards their owners, whereas black-footed cats are wild animals and do not have the same social behavior.


House cats are often found in urban settings, while black-footed cats are native to southern Africa and are primarily found in savannas and grasslands.

Conservation status:

Is listed as a vulnerable species by the IUCN due to habitat loss and hunting, whereas house cats are not endangered.

Overall, the black-footed cat and house cat may share some similarities, but they are different animals with different habitats, behaviors, and ecological roles.

Can you own a black footed cat

Cat is a wild animal and is not suitable as a pet. In addition to being illegal to own as a pet in most countries, this cat requires specialized care and is very difficult to keep in captivity. Therefore, it is not recommended to attempt to keep a Black-footed Cat as a pet.

How many black footed cats are left in the world – officially

The population cats in the wild is difficult to determine accurately, but it is estimated that there are fewer than 10,000 individuals left. This species is listed as vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) due to habitat loss, human persecution, and predation by other larger carnivores.

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