Are Pom Poms Safe for Cats? Discover the Truth!

Pom poms are not safe for cats as they can be a choking hazard and cause digestive issues if swallowed. Cats are curious creatures that are often attracted to small, shiny objects.

One such object that may catch their attention is pom poms. These fluffy balls may seem harmless, but it is important for cat owners to understand the potential dangers they pose. While playing with pom poms may provide entertainment for cats, there is a risk of them becoming a choking hazard if they are small enough to be swallowed whole.

Furthermore, if a cat ingests a pom pom, it could lead to digestive issues or even a blockage in the intestinal tract. Therefore, it is best to keep pom poms out of your cat’s reach to ensure their safety and well-being.

Understanding Pom Poms

Many cat owners wonder if pom poms are safe for their furry friends. Cats are curious creatures who are naturally attracted to small, colorful objects that are fun to play with. In this article, we will delve into the world of pom poms and explore what they are, different types available, and why cats find them so irresistible.

What Are Pom Poms?

Pom poms are small decorative balls made from various materials, such as yarn, fabric, or plastic. They are commonly used in crafts, accessories, and decorative items. Pom poms can come in different sizes, colors, and textures, making them visually appealing and engaging for both humans and pets.

Different Types Of Pom Poms

There are various types of pom poms available on the market. Let’s take a look at some of these:

  • Yarn pom poms: These are made from threads of yarn, offering a soft and fuzzy texture that cats find particularly enticing.
  • Fabric pom poms: Made from fabric scraps or ribbons, these pom poms have a different feel and can provide a unique sensory experience for cats.
  • Plastic pom poms: These are lightweight and usually have a smooth surface, making them easy to bat around and chase.

Why Cats Are Attracted To Pom Poms?

Cats are instinctively attracted to small, moving objects, and pom poms fit the bill perfectly. Here are a few reasons why they can’t resist these playful little balls:

  • Stimulation: Pom poms provide cats with mental and physical stimulation, satisfying their natural hunting instincts.
  • Size and texture: The small size and varied textures of pom poms make them easy to hold, bat around, and carry in their mouths – a source of endless entertainment for cats.
  • Colorful and eye-catching: Cats are visually-oriented animals, and bright, colorful pom poms catch their attention and spark their curiosity.

While pom poms can be a great toy for cats, it’s important to supervise their playtime to ensure their safety. Always be cautious about any small parts that could potentially be swallowed or cause harm to your furry friend.

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Potential Dangers Of Pom Poms For Cats

Pom poms may seem harmless, but they pose potential dangers for cats. These small and enticing objects can be easily swallowed, leading to choking or intestinal blockages. It’s important to keep pom poms out of reach to ensure the safety of our feline friends.

Potential Dangers of Pom Poms for Cats Cats are curious creatures, often attracted to small, colorful objects that catch their eye. Pom poms, with their vibrant colors and soft texture, can be particularly intriguing to cats. However, it’s important to be aware of the potential dangers that pom poms can pose to our feline friends. Ensuring their safety should always be our top priority. In this section, we will explore the various hazards associated with pom poms, including ingestion, choking, and digestive system complications.

Ingestion Hazards

Pom poms are small and lightweight, making them easy for cats to bat around and potentially swallow. If a cat ingests a pom pom, it can lead to serious health issues. The yarn or string used in the making of pom poms can become entangled in the cat’s gastrointestinal tract, causing an intestinal blockage. This can be extremely painful for the cat and may require emergency veterinary care. It is crucial to keep pom poms out of reach from your feline companion, especially when unsupervised.

Choking Hazards

When a cat plays with a pom pom, there is a risk of the yarn or string wrapping around their neck or getting entangled in their limbs. This can lead to choking or even strangulation. It’s important to regularly inspect your cat’s play area and remove any loose or frayed strings from pom poms. Supervising playtime and providing safer toy alternatives can help minimize the risk of choking incidents. Remember, prevention is key when it comes to keeping our furry friends safe.

Digestive System Complications

The fibers used in pom poms can be difficult for cats to digest. If a cat swallows a piece of a pom pom, it can cause a blockage in their digestive system. This can result in discomfort, pain, and in severe cases, may require surgical intervention.

It’s important to be attentive and observant when your cat is playing with pom poms, ensuring they do not chew or swallow any parts of the toy. If you notice any signs of distress such as vomiting or refusing food, seek immediate veterinary assistance.

In conclusion, while pom poms may seem like harmless playthings, they can pose significant risks to our beloved feline companions. By being aware of the potential hazards, such as ingestion, choking, and digestive system complications, we can take steps to ensure our cats are safe and free from harm. Remember, when it comes to our furry friends, their well-being should always be our top priority.

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Signs Of Pom Pom-related Health Problems In Cats

Pom poms may pose health risks for cats, as they may be swallowed and cause digestive problems, choking, or intestinal blockages. It is important to monitor cats closely when they are playing with pom poms to ensure their safety.


One of the signs that your cat may be experiencing health problems related to pom poms is vomiting. If you notice your furry friend regurgitating their food or throwing up frequently, it could be a red flag that something is not right. Vomiting after playing with pom poms may indicate that your cat has ingested some of the materials, which can cause irritation or blockage in their digestive system. It’s essential to monitor their behavior and seek veterinary attention if the vomiting persists or is accompanied by other concerning symptoms.


Another common sign of pom pom-related health problems in cats is lethargy. If your usually active and playful feline companion suddenly becomes sluggish and uninterested in their usual activities, it could be a cause for concern. Cats are known for their energetic nature, and any significant change in behavior, such as prolonged periods of inactivity or excessive sleeping, should not be overlooked.

Lethargy can be an indication that your cat is not feeling well, potentially due to ingesting or choking on pom pom materials. Keep a close eye on their behavior and consult a veterinarian if their lethargy persists or worsens.

Loss Of Appetite

The loss of appetite is another sign to watch out for if you suspect your cat may be experiencing pom pom-related health problems. Cats are typically enthusiastic about their meals and have regular eating habits.

If your fur baby suddenly becomes disinterested in food, refuses to eat, or eats significantly less than usual, it could be an indication of discomfort or illness. The consumption of pom pom materials can cause irritation or blockages in their digestive tract, leading to a loss of appetite.

If your cat’s reluctance to eat persists for more than a day or is accompanied by other concerning symptoms, seek professional veterinary advice promptly. By paying attention to these signs of pom pom-related health problems in cats—vomiting, lethargy, and loss of appetite—you can help ensure the well-being of your feline friend.

Keep a close eye on their behavior, especially after playing with pom poms, and seek veterinary attention if any of these symptoms persist or worsen. Remember, your cat’s health and safety are of utmost importance, so stay vigilant and proactive in providing them with a safe environment to play and thrive.

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Preventive Measures

While pom poms can provide hours of entertainment for your cat, it’s important to take certain preventive measures to ensure their safety. By following a few simple guidelines, you can create a safe and enjoyable environment for your feline friend.

Choosing Cat-safe Pom Poms

When selecting pom poms for your cat, it is crucial to choose cat-safe options that do not pose any potential hazards. Opt for pom poms made from non-toxic materials that are specifically designed for feline play. These pom poms should be free from any small parts or sharp edges that could potentially cause harm to your cat. Additionally, ensure that the pom poms are securely attached to any toys or accessories that your cat will be playing with.

Supervision And Playtime

It’s important to always supervise your cat during playtime with pom poms. While they may seem harmless, these small and lightweight toys can present a choking hazard if your cat attempts to swallow them. By closely monitoring your cat’s interactions with pom poms, you can intervene if necessary and prevent any potential accidents. Additionally, keeping play sessions short and providing other interactive toys can help reduce the risk of over-excitement and potential mishaps.

Storing Pom Poms Safely

Proper storage of pom poms is essential for your cat’s safety. Ensure that these toys are kept in a secure location when not in use to prevent your cat from accessing them unsupervised. Cats are notorious for their curiosity, and they may attempt to chew or swallow pom poms if given the opportunity. By storing these toys in a safe place, such as a closed container or a locked drawer, you can minimize the risk of your cat accidentally ingesting or injuring itself with the pom poms.

By following these preventive measures, you can ensure that your cat can safely enjoy the fun and entertainment provided by pom poms. Remember to choose cat-safe pom poms, supervise playtime, and store these toys securely to create a safe environment for your furry friend.

Alternative Cat Toys

When it comes to keeping our feline friends entertained, it’s important to provide them with a variety of toys. While pom poms may seem like a fun and harmless option, they can pose a safety hazard that we must be mindful of. Thankfully, there are plenty of alternative cat toys that can keep your kitty engaged without any risks. Let’s explore some of these options below:

Interactive Toys

Interactive cat toys are designed to stimulate your cat’s natural hunting instincts. These toys typically involve some level of interaction from the cat, keeping them mentally and physically engaged. Examples of interactive toys include puzzle feeders, treat-dispensing toys, and laser pointers. Not only do these toys provide hours of entertainment, but they also promote exercise and mental stimulation, which is essential for a cat’s overall well-being.

Catnip Toys

For cats that enjoy the euphoric effects of catnip, catnip toys are a great option. These toys are typically filled with dried catnip leaves, which release a scent that is irresistibly appealing to cats. Playing with catnip toys can offer a sense of relaxation and pleasure to your furry friend. Whether it’s plush mice infused with catnip or catnip-filled pillows, these toys are sure to capture your cat’s attention and keep them entertained for hours.

Feather Toys

Cats have an innate instinct to chase and pounce on moving objects, which makes feather toys an excellent choice. These toys usually consist of feathers attached to a wand or string, mimicking the movement of birds or bugs. The fluttering feathers are captivating for cats, triggering their hunting drive. Feather toys provide an opportunity for your cat to engage in interactive play with you, creating a bonding experience while satisfying their predatory instincts.

Providing alternative cat toys not only keeps your cat entertained, but it also helps prevent any potential dangers associated with pom poms. With interactive toys, catnip toys, and feather toys at your disposal, you can ensure your feline friend stays happy, healthy, and engaged.

Frequently Asked Questions On Are Pom Poms Safe For Cats

Are Pom Poms Okay For Cats?

Pom poms can be dangerous for cats because they can easily ingest or choke on the small parts. It’s best to keep them out of reach to ensure your cat’s safety.

Do Cats Like Pom Poms?

Cats generally enjoy playing with pom poms due to their small size and lightweight nature. The soft texture and bouncing movement of the pom poms make them engaging toys for cats. It’s important to supervise their playtime to prevent any accidental ingestion.

Is It Safe For Cats To Play With A Ball Of Yarn?

Yes, it is safe for cats to play with a ball of yarn. Just make sure to supervise them to prevent them from accidentally swallowing the yarn strands.

Are Pom Poms Safe?

Yes, pom poms are safe. They are commonly used in cheerleading and crafting activities without any reported safety concerns.


While pom poms may seem like harmless toys for cats, it is important to prioritize their safety. The potential risks, such as ingestion and choking hazards, should be thoroughly considered before allowing cats to play with pom poms. It is always advisable to choose safer alternatives that are specifically designed for feline entertainment.

Keeping our beloved feline companions out of harm’s way should remain our top priority.

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