About bearded dragon witblits

Bearded dragon witblits is a variation of the central bearded dragon which features a whitish appearance on its belly and tail. It is a type of morph that is selectively bred for its unique coloration. Witblits bearded dragons are popular among reptile enthusiasts and are generally docile and easily tamed. They are native to Australia and require a warm, spacious, and well-lit enclosure.

Bearded dragon witblits information :


Witblits bearded dragons have a pale, almost white, yellowish-white, or beige coloration. They have translucent white scales, and sometimes, they have some yellowish or orange patches on their heads, legs, and tails. Black stripes that run across their eyes and chests. Have a dry, rough skin and a spiky appearance. Can grow up to 24 inches long.


Witblits bearded dragons are omnivores, and their diet consists of insects, vegetables, fruits, and occasionally, small rodents.


Witblits bearded dragons are native to Central Australia, where they live in dry and rocky habitats.


Witblits bearded dragons are docile and friendly pets. They enjoy being handled and can be trained to perform tricks. They are intelligent and curious creatures that require plenty of room to explore and climb.


To care for a Witblits bearded dragon, you’ll need to provide them with a terrarium or a vivarium that has enough space for them to move around freely. You’ll need to keep the enclosure warm and dry with a basking spot of around 100 – 110°F and a cooler side of 80 – 85°F. They need a UVB light to help them metabolize calcium. Clean their enclosure daily and provide them with fresh water, food, and shelter.


Bearded dragons can live up to 10-15 years in captivity.


Witblits bearded dragons are sexually mature at 1-2 years old and can lay eggs up to twice a year. However, breeding requires experience and appropriate conditions.

Where is the largest selection of bearded dragons for sale?

There are several online sources to buy bearded dragons, including online marketplaces like MorphMarket, Backwater Reptiles, and Underground Reptiles. Prices will vary depending on the breeder, age, and morph of the bearded dragon.

It is important to make sure that any bearded dragon you buy is from a reputable breeder and that you have the proper resources and knowledge to provide it with a suitable home and care. Bearded dragons require specific housing, lighting, heating, and diet to thrive and live a healthy life.